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Minnesota Pro Wrestling

Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be wrestling
heaven for all you fans of the squared circle.  
There are FOUR shows for you to choose from.

Friday night is Prime Time Wrestling in Bloomington.
The match of the night has got to be the tag-team
battle between John Johnson & The Black Stallion
VS Ariya Daivari & Kody Rice.  Johnson and Daivari
absolutely hate each other.  Stallion and Rice
absolutely hate each other.  This has been building
for months and this matchup will be historic.

Saturday we have two shows.  Terry Fox's
Minnesota Independent Wrestling runs their last
show of the season at the Chanhassan American
Legion.  MIW Champion Chris Jordan is on the card.
Horace The Psychopath and Mitch Paradise too.

Minnesota Extreme Wrestling is in Forest Lake with
AWA Legends Dirty Ernie & Dan Jesser facing off
against The Brauler & Gregg Hurtz.  That should be
a crazy "off-the-wall" tag team match.  Wrestler
Paul Brewski is pulling double duty wrestling at MEW
and then driving to Chanhassan to wrestle at MIW.

Sunday the Intercontinental Wrestling Association
is having a special fundraiser in Ham Lake for a youth group so they can participate in Teen Serve this summer.  There will be a Battle Royal that will
include several recent wrestling school graduates.
Razzlin' Rick will be your special guest announcer.

Get more details about these shows by visiting
the pages listed to the right.  

Please attend one or two of these shows this
weekend and support your local wrestlers who
work so hard to entertain you.     

The Steel Domain Wrestling show Saturday night
was a huge success with almost 150 screaming
fans in attendance.  We were treated to eight
matches, including a tag team match that was
one of the best tag matches that I have ever
seen in the Twin Cities.  Promoter Ed Hellier hits
a big home run with this show.  I can hardly wait
to see these matches on internet television.
Travis Hilton was our ring announcer.  Mick Karch
and George Schire did color commentary for the
matches.  Mick Karch and SDW Promoter Ed Hellier
did special promos.  Jay Soltis and Troy O'Brien
were the referees.  And we thank the wrestlers:
SDW Champion Danny Duggan, AJ La Rock, Ryan
Slade, Ariya Daivari, Ricky Love, Benjamin Sailer,
Cooter Bocephus, Dan Jesser, Sam Knight, Blake
Broadway, Josh Calisto and The Wildcat.
The show stopping tag team match featured
Danny Duggan & Ricky Love VS AJ La Rock & Ryan
Slade.  Fantastic work from everyone involved.
The Steel Domain Wrestling 'House Show' will be
at the Hopkins Raspberry Festival on July 19, 2014.
Razzlin' Rick will see you there!!!!!!  

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Here I am, Razzlin' Rick with 86 year old AWA Champion Verne Gagne to my right, wearing a cozy, warm black leather jacket and scarf.  It was an honor to meet Verne in January 2012 at 
a special big screen showing of his movie 'The Wrestler'.

Verne's birthday is February 26, 1926, so now he's 88.

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