Minnesota Pro Wrestling

July 30 -- Steel Domain Wrestling has an outside show at the Richfield American Legion.  This show will feature a CAGE MATCH.  Battle Of The Red Heads!    Also appearing for the first time, Steve Backlund.          
                                          Congratulations to             Chas Betts (Chad Gable)     for being drafted to Smackdown.                      
First appearance - 8/2


Later this year GoDaddy is discontinuing the way that I now     post my website.  They can't just move all my pages over to the new way of posting my website so this    website will be discontinued.  So I  will be looking into posting all my wrestling information on Facebook.

My main focus will still be to keep you informed of all the upcoming events and give you quick results     of the shows that I attend.              

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Here I am, Razzlin' Rick, with Verne Gagne at his last public appearance on January 29, 2012.  Verne Gagne passed away at age 89 on April 27, 2015.

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