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Minnesota Pro Wrestling

        Get ready for wrestling action,

      this coming Friday, October 24th,

       at the Knights Of Columbus Hall

          in Bloomington, Minnesota.

       Prime Time Wrestling draws the

          largest wrestling crowds in 
          the entire Twin Cities area.

    Just announced, "Tangerine Dream"
    Ricky Love VS Prime Time Wrestling       Heavyweight Champion Big Sep.

                First Time Ever!
       Chris Jordan VS Ariya Daivari.  

"Husky Heartthrob" Kody Rice VS Doug.

    Can Doug manage to tickle his way
                 out of this one?
     We'll see you, and Doug on Friday,

    October 24, at Prime Time Wrestling.

        Then on Saturday you can see

    Terry Fox's latest group of wrestling

      school graduates in Chanhassan.

    Enjoy some wrestling this weekend.


          Pat McNeill from the Pro Wrestling Torch
        has posted a very interesting article on the
         www.pwtorch.com website and it was just
       so good I had to reprint it on the page to the
            right titled     No Wrestling Until 2015? 


      I have re-posted the Red Lightning Interview.
      It's a very interesting read about Red's entire
     wrestling career and the people he has worked
      with over the years.  You'll enjoy it, I'm sure.


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        by following me on TWITTER.  Visit me at


      Here I am, Razzlin' Rick with 86 year old AWA
     Champion Verne Gagne to my right.  It was an
   honor to meet Verne in January 2012 at a special
     big screen showing of his movie 'The Wrestler'.

           Verne's birthday is February 26, 1926, 
                             so now he's 88.

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