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Minnesota Pro Wrestling

     OK, you've seen wrestling on the

    Steel Domain Website, and you've

    heard about wrestling on Mischke's

     Roadshow podcast, NOW attend

   wrestling this coming Saturday night

    when Minnesota Extreme Wrestling

      comes to Ham Lake, Minnesota.  

   Read all about this exciting show on 

   the MN Extreme Wrest Sept 20 page.


   Today you can check out the Mischke

      Roadshow and hear a one hour

  podcast on the subject of professional

        wrestling.  Tommy Mischke

  interviewed Jesse 'The Body' Ventura,

       Tommy 'Spiderbaby' Saturday, 

           Horace The Psychopath,

    John Heppen and me, Razzlin' Rick.  

         The show is now posted at


        Check out Tommy's website,

      then click RADIO and listen to

       episode #19.  It's great to be

        a wrestling fan in Minnesota.   


           You can now get wrestling reminders
        by following me on TWITTER.  Visit me at


      Here I am, Razzlin' Rick with 86 year old AWA
     Champion Verne Gagne to my right.  It was an
   honor to meet Verne in January 2012 at a special
     big screen showing of his movie 'The Wrestler'.

           Verne's birthday is February 26, 1926, 
                             so now he's 88.

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