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Minnesota Pro Wrestling

               The next two weekends are dominated by
      Read the Minnesota Extreme Wrestling page 
   for details about their August 2nd and 9th shows.


           There's a NEW website in town run by 
     Eli McCausland.  It's www.MNIndywrestling.com
     I have to admit that it's much fancier than mine.
      So now you have two choices.  You can visit
      mine (you're here now) for simple, direct info
      on Minnesota Pro Wrestling and you can visit
         Eli's for a fancier take on Minnesota Indy
      Wrestling.  It's great to live in a free country.


            Read the latest exciting news about
      Steel Domain Wrestling on the Steel Domain
  Wrestling page, right after the show review pages.
    Their next show is September 6, 2014 and you
      can order the limited tickets on their website.
                 Also check out Episode #6 of
      'Championship Wrestling From the Twin Cities' 
   posted on www.SteelDomainWrestling.com NOW.


           You can now get wrestling reminders
        by following me on TWITTER.  Visit me at


      Here I am, Razzlin' Rick with 86 year old AWA
     Champion Verne Gagne to my right.  It was an
   honor to meet Verne in January 2012 at a special
     big screen showing of his movie 'The Wrestler'.

           Verne's birthday is February 26, 1926, 
                             so now he's 88.

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